Help your community thrive.

Join the Shop The Neighbourhood movement by encouraging local shopping, celebrating neighbourhood businesses, and changing the way we buy.

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Celebrating neighbourhoods all across Canada, all year long

Shop The Neighbourhood is a national Yellow Pages initiative that encourages Canadian consumers, business owners and business associations to support their local economy.

shop local

Shop locally

Learn about the impact shopping locally has on your community.

grow your business

Grow your business

Drive more customers
in your neighbourhood
to your store.

invest in your neighbourhood

Invest in your neighbourhood

Find out how your business association can support Shop The Neighbourhood.

Learn about the campaign

Learn about the campaign

Find out about Shop The Neighbourhood’s history and success.

Start planning your Shop The Neighbourhood event.

Planning an event isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. But we’re getting close—Shop The Neighbourhood is giving you the resources, graphics, and planning sheets you need when you decide to plan your own Shop The Neighbourhood event and draw your neighbourhood to your store.

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John Tory, Mayor of Toronto

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and it’s important we support our local businesses across our city. I am thrilled to see that Yellow Pages’ Shop The Neighbourhood garnered so much support in every corner of Toronto. Yellow Pages’ Shop The Neighbourhood is an important reminder to all of us to celebrate our neighbourhood businesses, not just on one day, but every day.”

Why should you shop locally?

Shopping local keeps your dollars in your own community. It also helps create jobs and even has a positive impact on the environment. Learn more about why local shopping matters.

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7 low-cost ways to market your event

Holding an event shouldn’t take a chunk out of your small business’ marketing budget. So we’re giving you the inside scoop on the free or cheap ways you can rally your neighbourhood for your Shop the Neighbourhood event!

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About Shop The Neighbourhood

Shop The Neighbourhood is a Yellow Pages initiative to encourage local shopping and support for small businesses. Shop The Neighbourhood raises awareness of the large-scale push from retailers both online and across the border which moves dollars away from the small businesses and directly impacts the health of our neighbourhoods and our communities.

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