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Today’s consumers have more options than ever when it comes to shopping. From the mall to big box retail to online, selection and price are big drivers of shoppers’ behaviour. But the convenience and personal touch of a local small business can’t be beat.

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Yellow Pages introduced Shop The Neighbourhood in 2013 to promote the importance of local shopping. The aim was to build stronger communities by bringing Canadian shoppers and local businesses together year-round to celebrate the importance of local commerce and its positive impact on neighbourhood vitality and economy.

Your business can help spread the message by arranging a Shop The Neighbourhood event with other small business owners in your community. Participating businesses can download a Shop The Neighbourhood digital cling and display it in your storefront, and showcase a Shop The Neighbourhood banner on their website and social media profiles. Click here to download your digital cling today!

Restaurant Candide

Tucked away from the main commercial arteries, Candide’s location is, in chef John Winter Russell’s words, a blessing in disguise: "You really have the sensation of getting out of the city. It's calm." And that is one of John's goals—to offer a country restaurant in the city.

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Jill Hestbak, Laurel’s on Whyte, Edmonton

"We think it’s really important to support the local businesses and it also really fosters a great sense of community on the avenue which is important, especially nowadays when there’s bigger businesses taking over."

7 Local Digital Marketing Tactics to Stand Out Among the Giants

Wondering how “the little guy” can stand out among national chains, big box stores and online giants? By checking the following boxes, you’ll put your business in great position to be a top choice for shoppers in your neighbourhood. 

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of buyers research online before making a purchasing decision. Shops with a strong digital presence are much more likely to make an impression on local shoppers –– before they ever step into your store!

Digital marketing services from Yellow Pages

The digital marketing experts at Yellow Pages can help establish and maintain your digital presence, helping ensure you stand out online to potential customers in your neighbourhood.

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Ready to organize a Shop The Neighbourhood campaign? We’ve put together a step-by-step approach and accompanying resources to help you plan a winning event. Make a difference to your business community, customers and neighbourhood economy by actively promoting local shopping.

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About Shop The Neighbourhood

Shop The Neighbourhood is a Yellow Pages initiative to encourage local shopping and support for small businesses. Shop The Neighbourhood raises awareness of the large-scale push from retailers both online and across the border which moves dollars away from the small businesses and directly impacts the health of our neighbourhoods and our communities.

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