Fresh Laundry

Fresh Laundry

Opened in 2015 in Calgary's Inglewood district, Fresh Laundry Co. carries a lot more than laundry-related goods. Besides an exclusive selection of upscale laundry detergents and linen waters, this designer apothecary stocks a wide variety of body lotions and cleansers, candles, all-purpose cleaners, skincare soaps, oils and creams as well as grooming items for men.

Only at Fresh Laundry
Fresh Laundry Co. offers a unique assortment of products not available in other Calgary stores, carrying about 20 brands from around the world. One of the shop's recent inventory introductions is the entire Aesop line – a cult body and skincare brand from Australia with a devoted following. Fresh Laundry Co. also offers laundry and cleaning supplies by a Brooklyn company called Common Good that are suitable for those with skin sensitivities. Moreover, they are an eco-friendly option, as bottles can be refilled.

A Fresh Feel

Besides owning and operating Fresh Laundry Co., Ian Davies and his sister and business partner, Lisa Davies, work as graphic designers and own another retail store in Inglewood called The Uncommons. “We always wanted to see certain products in Calgary, but they were never around, so we thought why not open a store that has products that have really interesting design elements, which look cool, but also have a good story?” Ian explains. He adds that Fresh Laundry Co. was born out of the siblings' other retail venture. “We had been looking at all these beautiful apothecary brands that didn’t fit in with The Uncommons, so we came up with this store,” he adds.

Ian and Lisa put their design background to use when creating the Fresh Laundry space. The shop has a fresh, open, clean feel with a feature wall covered in moss.”

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