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Small businesses are the backbone of your community. By shopping at the stores in your neighbourhood, you’re supporting local job creation, economic growth and community spirit.

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By shopping locally, you’re strengthening small businesses and your community.

Originally launched in 2013, the Shop The Neighbourhood campaign encourages Canadians to vary their shopping behaviours by buying goods and services at small local businesses, ultimately keeping their dollars within their communities.

Yellow Pages is a long-time champion of the growth of small businesses and local economies, and Shop The Neighbourhood is our way of promoting the value of neighbourhood shopping to Canadians year-round.

Tight Club Athletics

Tight Club is nothing like a typical big box gym. This fitness studio located in Chinatown offers personal service, fun fitness classes and is outfitted with all the equipment you’d expect to find at a state-of-the-art fitness facility. 

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Amanda Gugyelka, Toronto resident

“I'd rather support the local people who are there in their shops every day. It's better, it fuels the economy here for the small businesses."

Why buy local: What’s in it for you?

Shopping in your neighbourhood may give money back to small business owners, but what’s really in it for you as a consumer? Our article explores the top reasons you should head to your neighbourhood for your next shopping trip. 

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of shoppers say they shop in-store in order to interact with products in-person. It’s tough to beat the convenience of online shopping, but there’s nothing like trying on a new pair of shoes or a comfortable sweater in person!

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Whether it’s a great purchase you made in your neighbourhood, a favourite shop, or community event, we love hearing what’s making neighbourhoods across Canada great. Use the hashtag #shopthehood to share your story.

You can also download and display Shop The Neighbourhood social media banners on your social profiles to show your support for local businesses.

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How to participate

Get involved in your neighbourhood!

Whether you’re looking for a great brunch this weekend or a boutique cheese shop to stock up for your next dinner party, we have your neighbourhood covered. Check out our smart lists to see what’s happening in your community!

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About Shop The Neighbourhood

Shop The Neighbourhood is a Yellow Pages initiative to encourage local shopping and support for small businesses. Shop The Neighbourhood raises awareness of the large-scale push from retailers both online and across the border which moves dollars away from the small businesses and directly impacts the health of our neighbourhoods and our communities.

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