Torch Motorcycles

Torch Motorcycles

Torch Motorcycles is a boutique-motorcycle company for women by women. It researches, designs and hand-crafts motorcycles to meet the physiological needs of the female rider. Torch also gives women the option of building their own bike. 

Torch Motorcycles

A Motorcycle Revv-olution
“Every motorcycle manufacturer is building a bigger machine,” says Patti Derbyshire, CEO of Torch and chair of entrepreneurship, marketing and social innovation at Mount Royal University. “Torch is not about speed and power. We’re about the user - fit and comfort, which are ultimately super important to women's confidence.” Six women partnered up with Patti and started what they call The Revv-olution. 

Motorcycles Crafted by Women for Women
Torch has devised seats that are wider in the back and narrower in the front. According to Torch’s extensive, unprecedented research and engineering, men and women sit differently due to the makeup of their pelvises and hips, ultimately affecting feet and hand placement and overall comfort and safety.

Once clients are measured and their riding style determined, they can begin crafting their signature cycle by selecting from frame designs, handlebar configurations, seat sizes and engine displacement, and even build the motorcycle themselves (or simply place their order). 

Safety and Style
Torch aims to address another gap in the motorcycle industry by creating more comfortable, stylish female-friendly gear. Patty’s crew have sourced a feather-weight fabric from Monaco that could revolutionize protective wear for riders. Torch apparel designer Kat Marks wants to bring vintage chic to its products. Her big focus is on the thigh holster that will carry essentials. Torch also offers leather visors, wallets, scarves and gloves.

But fashion doesn’t supersede safety at Torch, which offers Bluetooth-infused boot spurs worn over boots and gauntlets for hands that light up in sync with the motorcycle’s signal and brake lights.”

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