MTL Tattoo

MTL Tattoo

Tattoos that Bring People Together
MTL Tattoo has always been at the forefront of the tattoo industry, offering standard designs or customized artwork made only once for a single client.

The popular tattoo place holds exhibitions and barbecues, usually with a band. “We try to bring together all of the tattoo community," says William Gauthier, manager of MTL Tattoo. On Flash Day once a year, clients get a discount on a tattoo of a drawing that's prepared in advance. During its artists' exhibitions, MTL Tattoo donates the profits from the artwork sales to a social cause.

MTL Tattoo

From Mother to Son
William's mother discovered tattooing when it was still in its infancy. In 1997, she opened a shop on Saint-Denis and MTL Tattoo was born. Today, most people want exclusive artwork highlighting their individuality. "Our tattoo artists use Photoshop to create graphic compositions impossible to do by hand," says William.

All the artists at MTL Tattoo have at least five years' experience and specialize in a particular style: neo tribal, traditional, realistic, Japanese, graphic, blackwork or dotwork. They will also do a touch-up or remove tattoos using a laser technique that shatters the pigmentation and removes it naturally.

MTL Tattoo

"Inked" on Social Networks
MTL Tattoo uses social media to publicize new drawings where customers can view the artists' work and choose what they like. "Our artists are followed by 30,000 people. One tattoo artist has appointments a year and a half in advance," says William. He invites clients to a free consultation and advises them to do “something original, something that they'll love and won't regret in 10 years."

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