North Standard Trading Post

North Standard Trading Post

Made in Canada
Finding a Muskoka-like cabin in the middle of Toronto might be impossible, but clothing retailer North Standard Trading Post on Queen Street West comes pretty close to capturing the cozy vibe of a northern Ontario cottage.

From the wood panelling on the walls to the decorative canoe oars hanging around the store, all you need to complete the rustic cabin atmosphere is a warm wool blanket and a pair of camp socks — luckily you’ll find those in the shop as well. Husband-and-wife owners Pamela Hopson and Francesco Fiore first opened their cabin-inspired Parkdale boutique in 2013. Today, the cottagey space is the perfect setting to show off their curated collection of Canadian must-haves.

“We try as much as we can in each commodity to have something made in Canada,” says Pamela, adding that some brands are made even closer to home. Muttonhead gear, sourced from Roncesvalles, is sold alongside Smells Like Canada candles that are made in Parkdale, just like the Parkdale Butter Company hand cream, which is one of the many brands of homemade personal care products available at the store.

A Full Family Shop
A major draw for many of the customers at North Standard Trading Post is the wide range of clothing available for every member of the family. “We’re a full family shop,” says Pamela. “People will come in with a stroller and their dog tied onto the stroller.”

With North Standard Trading Post, the couple strives to make shopping enjoyable for every customer. “We love helping our customers and giving them a background on everything,” says Pamela. “We’re basically just here to help guide people to get what they need and want.”

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