Located in West Hastings in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood, Nectar Juicery is a contemporary juice bar that has been providing health-conscious patrons with 100 per cent organic cold-pressed juice since July 2015.

Nourishing Nectar & Wholesome Foods
Nectar Juicery is a beautiful contemporary juice bar that incorporates Scandinavian-inspired design elements such as wooden countertops, shining copper seats and comforting green plants.

In line with the company’s mission to produce nutritious juice, owner Tori Holmes seeks out local organic growers or buys organic produce from California. An 8,000-pound hydraulic juicer creates organic cold-pressed juice every two days, enabling the juice bar to carry between eight to 12 juices on any given day. One of the best sellers is Devotion, which packs two-and-a-half pounds of chard, cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon, ginger and green apple in each bottle. Nectar also offers a selection of almond, date and pumpkin milks, a chia seed breakfast parfait, and daily salads and raw spheres that have no stabilizers, preservatives or sugar.

Nectar Juicery also offers multi-day juice cleanses, and boasts a team of certified holistic nutritionists who can advise customers on the best cleanse or juice combination for their needs.


Liquid Nutrition for Optimal Health
Tori studied health at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. After adopting a plant-based diet, she began to radiate health. When she moved to New York City next door to a juice bar, she began to believe that one of the gateways to peak health was juicing.

In 2012, Tori partnered to launch a cold-pressed juice company offering juices on tap to corporate offices, cafés and restaurants. Eventually, she founded Nectar Juicery in July 2015 and introduced its juice cart in 2016 at the corner of Granville at West Georgia in downtown Vancouver — an ideal pit stop for professionals on the run.

Whether cleansing at home, grabbing a bottle on the way to work or filling up a growler full of green juice at the Gastown juice bar, locals can count on Nectar Juicery to help people stay hydrated and healthy.

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