Physio Room

Physio Room

Physio Room offers visitors a variety of treatments, including massage therapy, needling techniques, shockwave therapy, K-taping, functional exercise programs, ultrasound, electrotherapy and spinal decompression. To better serve their clients, they offer one location on Main Street and another on Oak Street.

Collaborative Care for Optimal Mobility
Co-owner Nick Lo wanted to make Physio Room a welcoming space. "I wanted to make it approachable and accommodate the general population, not just cater to high-level athletes," he says.

Nick met co-owners, Dara Storey and Deanna Bicego, at UBC, where they graduated with a Masters in Physiotherapy in 2006. The team's mission is to empower people to take care of themselves, while providing individualized one-on-one physiotherapy sessions to keep people active and healthy.

Nick elaborates on a big shift in the industry to a minimal methodology where it’s less about “fancy” machines. "Our goal is to show patients something they can replicate outside of the clinic and become independent,” he explains. Dara adds, "Although machines are still warranted, they're only one small part of our massive toolbox to help a patient."

Physio Room

Embracing Technology and Innovation

Each Physio Room therapist brings different experiences to the table. For example, having trained for two marathons and five half-marathons, Nick knows what it's like to experience knee problems and running injuries. He facilitated the Own the Run package, which is designed with the BMO Vancouver Marathon in mind. It features an exercise program, mid-training follow-up and a Running Specific Screen that measures baselines and educates customers on how to become a more efficient runner.

Physio Room also provides online exercise programs. Therapists take pictures or videos of clients performing exercises that reveal correct form, the number of reps and other parameters.

Dara stresses, "We want people to be aware of themselves, empower them to make the right choices, and understand how and why they should be doing things that are best for their body."

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