Tight Club Athletics

Tight Club Athletics

Tight Club is nothing like a typical big box gym. This fitness studio located in Chinatown offers personal service, fun fitness classes and is outfitted with all the equipment you’d expect to find at a state-of-the-art fitness facility.

What you also might not expect: being asked, “What type of pizza would you be?” This is the kind of check-in question owner and personal trainer Keighty Gallagher asks at the start of group fitness classes to help everyone get to know each other and to create the least intimidating environment possible.

Tight Club Athletics

The Fitness Spectrum
“A well-rounded athlete needs flexibility, stability, agility, strength and cardio,” says Keighty. The studio is equipped with a TRX suspension system, BOSU balls, resistance bands and boxing gloves. Classes range from low-impact to high intensity: Booty Luv focuses on strength and stability, Tight Sweat provides a high-intensity interval workout, The Athlete blends Crossfit-style training with movement drills, and Yoga and Chill offers the perfect restorative class. The studio also offers personal training and hosts a run club on Tuesdays.

Tight Club is about much more than exercising—it’s about building a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Keighty says, “Living Tight Life is about striking that balance between treating yourself and working hard for what you want, and about being inspired by the community of like-minded individuals who are all in it for the same reasons.”

Tight Club Athletics

Finding the Tight Life
The former track star began developing her personal training style in 2011 when her coworkers asked her to help them get in shape. Using East Van parks, rooftops and alleyways, Keighty led the crew through dynamic workouts. Word spread about her signature sweat sessions and in 2013 she transformed her garage into a makeshift studio called The Coach House, where she offered a high-intensity mat-based workout. After two years and countless burpees, Keighty turned to the Tight Club community to help fund a studio, raising $40,000 in one month and scoring the perfect space on Union Street.

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